Useful Tools

I thought I’d chuck a few items and useful tools here for those that need them, BTW there’s no affiliate links here!

Microsoft Security Essentials

Great, small footprint and best of all free AV from Microsoft of all people. This is genuinely a pretty good little AV client and can compete with the best of the paid versions of the big dogs for basic AV.


Ninite is a fab service for installing all those great little apps when you’ve rebuilt your machine, you can even use the same installer exe to update the apps you’ve installed in the months to come.


A useful little too for creating USB install disks of Windows Distros. Very handy for performing super quick OS installs!


An oldie but goodie, a very, very useful set of command line tools. Just stick them on your path and you’ve got them whenever you need them! If you’ve never heard of them and work in any form of IT support, grab them and read up.

Microsoft Tech Net Subscription

If you’re studying for any of the Microsoft Certifications then I can’t recommend this enough, hell if you’ve simply got a load of machines and you want to upgrade their OS’s take a look. Even if you only sign up for a year you get to keep and use the license keys attached to you account so what are you waiting for.

File Transfer Time Calculator

Ever needed to figure out how long a file transfer is going to take? Don;t want to figure it out yourself? This handy page over at Adams World is an excellent time saver.


Great little configurable SSH and telnet client.


A free SFTP,SCP and FTP client for windows, especially useful for getting files to and from your Linux boxes quickly and easily.


An obvious one but useful non the less.


There will be more to come and suggestions are welcome, it’s always good to hear about new useful stuff.


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