How to Fix Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services UAC Problem

“User ‘DOMAIN\user’ does not have required permissions. Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted and Windows User Account Control (UAC) restrictions have been addressed.”

Sound familiar?

In my case this was on a Server 2008 R2 server with SQL 2008 installed and patched up to date. I knew the permissions were correct so it had to be UAC, so I turned it off and everything worked, not the solution I wanted but it proved my theory.

Now, as standard Reporting Services should allow anyone who is a local admin on the machine hosting it to access the web page. However, if you have UAC turned on you may not be able to open it without the above error. If this is the case, simply open IE on the server as an admin to bypass UAC. It’s worth noting that you may need to add the site (plus the localhost version) to trusted sites but I found this was not necessary on the default setup I have.

Now on to enabling access for users and groups without turning off UAC.


Once successfully on the Reporting Services page, click on the “Site Settings” button in the top right corner, select the “Security” tab and select “New Role Assignment”. At this point you can add the required users or groups in the “DOMAIN\username” format.


You will need to give people at least basic access to the root “Home” folder for them to gain access to the web portal at all, even if you have made them a site admin in the above step. To do this, return to the “Home” page and click “Folder Settings” from the nav bar, from here you can again click “New Role Assignment” and then assign the desired roles for the folder. These assignments will be inherited by any sub folder underneath, you can adjust the permissions on those in a similar way.

That’s it, headache over!


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