How To Clear Down C:\Windows\Installer Safely On XP and Server 2003

Have you ever run something like WinDirStat or TreeSize to figure out where all that precious disk space is going to your C drive and noticed the C:\Windows\Installer directory is chewing up space?

If you have and you’ve thought about deleting files to make space DON’T, you’ll cause yourself some real misery down the line.

Instead use msizap.exe!

On Server 2003 this is usually located on the root of the C drive but if you don’t have it you’ll have to Google for it as it used to be available as part of the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility¬†which Microsoft no longer host due to conflicts with later operating systems.

Either way, open a command prompt and navigate to it’s containing folder. Then simply run:

msizap.exe !G

This will clear all non referenced, damaged, partial and unneeded files in the C:\Windows\Installer directory.


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