How to Migrate From 2003 To 2008 R2 Part 1: File Server

Folders and Permissions

You can either use the Microsoft FSMT tool, or you can use Robocopy (more powerful). The MS FSMT tool can be found here and is pretty straightforward so I’ll leave you to Google it. Robocopy is built into 2008 and I personally prefer it as it is much, much more powerful, so the rest of this guide will be aimed at using it.

Firstly, from a command prompt on the target server perform the initial copy using something similar to the below:

robocopy \\source_server\source_folder D:\target_folder /e /zb /copyall /log:D:\initial_copy.log

This will bring not just the files over but also their attributes such as their NTFS permissions which makes life easier, plus it will write the whole process to a log file for later perusal.

Then when ready for the final setup, run the mirror (incremental) version:

robocopy \\source_server\D$\source_folder D:\target_folder /e /zb /mir /log:D:\mirror_copy.log

This basically copies anything that differs including permissions etc.

It’s worth noting that you will also have to perform the following to allow XP machines to access the shares:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters /v DisableStrictNameChecking /t REG_DWORD /d 1

Then reboot the server


If you have used the FSMT, it will have set them up for you but if you used Robocopy there’s an easy method to move them over, simply export the shares reg key from the source server and import it into the target server registry then reboot.

It can be found here:
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